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    • 27 FEB 13

    Recreational Vehicle Insurance

    Boat with South Beach Miami in background

    South Florida is your playground - your boat, off-road bike and other recreational vehicles are your toys.

    Jimenez and Co. can help you insure your recreational vehicles, like boats, off-road vehicles, and others. Many companies even offer discounts for having these recreational vehicle policies along with your other policies, such as your auto policy.

    Usually, people are confused as to when their recreational vehicle is covered and under what policy. For example, if the vehicle is on a trailer being pulled by your car, which policy would come into effect in case of an accident? Or what happens if you keep your four wheeler at home in your garage, and your house where to burn down? Don’t be confused about your recreational vehicle policies – let us help you.

    If you’re interested in quoting your recreational vehicle along with your auto policy, you can call or email Julio directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” link above.

    To get a quote for your recreational vehicle, please contact us directly by phone or email and ask for Julio.

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